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While today’s kitchen faucets are all good, the top favorite kitchen faucet brands will offer the best options. Get the pros and cons of different types of finishes, options, and designs. Match that with your budget to find the best fit for your kitchen sink and room design.

Starting Point – 8 Basic Faucet Considerations

Before selecting from our favorite faucet brands, understand basic faucet features. This way you can evaluate each brand for what you want.

1. Number of Mounting Holes in Your Sink

Count the number of mounting holes in your sink. The kitchen faucet has to match up with those holes. Soap dispensers and other accessories each get their own spot. Not utilizing those options. Consider getting a plate to cover up the extra holes. It is best to stick with the options your sink design allows for. Drilling extra spaces into the sink is not recommended. Stick with what the sink design allows for.

2. Spout Height and Reach

The standard old fashion straight spout is functional but lacks height. This makes some chores difficult. Filling large pots of water is easier done when spouts are high enough for pots to fit under. Gooseneck faucets have the height but tend to splash in shallow sinks. 

Reach is important. Make sure the faucet head swings back and forth. This gets it where you need it to be. It moves out of the way so you can put things in and get things out of the sink. With double sinks, you want to swing it back and forth between both sinks.

Functionality is important but so is aesthetics. Keep the spout in proportion to the sink. A tiny faucet on an enormous sink or an enormous faucet on a tiny sink will look odd.

3. Pull-Down vs. Conventional Sprayers

Conventional sprayers have many drawbacks. They leak. Hoses get tangled. Flow loses pressure. Believe it or not, pull-down sprayers are more reliable. This is where the faucet head pulls out and down for the spout. There is less problem with leaking so they last longer. 

4. High-Tech Options

Check extra spray high-tech options. Multi-spray modes allow for different stream settings. Some come with as many as four options, including a pause setting so you don’t have to move the handle. Memory settings extend the options. Automatic shutoffs turn off the water after a set amount of time, saving water. Temperature memory allows for presets so you always get the temperature you want. 

5. Hands-Free, Single or Two Handle Activation

Two-handle faucets separate hot and cold water. This older, conventional style proves hard for installing. You have more control over flow and temperature.

Single-handle faucets install more easily but limit control over temperature adjustments.

Hands-free touch faucets come in conjunction often with single-handle design. The convenience cannot be beaten. No worries when your hands are full or dirty. Some are motion-sensitive while others are touch-sensitive. Double-check which it is. Touch-activated still gets the faucet dirty. Make sure the activator is conveniently located. Some are at the bottom or back of the faucet which is harder to access.

6. Bar Faucets

Are you installing a sink that allows for a Bar Faucet? Two and three-sink basin designs may allow for a second faucet called a bar faucet. Consider your space first before adding this extra.

7. Finishes

All finishes are not created equal. They may look the same but their composition and characteristics vary. You want the faucets to match the kitchen but be durable. You want protective coatings, preventing staining, corrosion, and scratching. Most brands give you the option of visually checking what they look like. Go to display areas and look at them. Here are a few things to check.

  • Do you want a dull vs shiny look?
  • Does it match your cabinets and appliances?
  • Is it Stain, corrosion, and rust-resistant?

Different finishes have different pros and cons.

  • Chrome is the most durable finish. It is easiest for cleaning. It is perfect for heavy traffic, and heavy-use kitchens.
  • Nickel finishes referred to as brushed, or stainless steel comes with dull shines. They are very durable. Unfortunately, they are prone to fingerprints and water spots.
  • Bronze faucets, known for having an oiled or rubbed look, come in a brownish color. Coatings are epoxy rather than metal. While tough they get chipped and scratched more than metal finishes.

8. Ceramic Valves

Ceramic valves are preferable to traditional rubber valves. Over time, the rubber wears, allowing leaks. More durable ceramic valves last longer and tend to leak less.


5 Favorite Kitchen Faucet Brands 

In today’s market with today’s technology just about every kitchen faucet is a good choice. But what is the best choice? That comes down to what you want. We’ve put together a list of kitchen faucet brands that run from the top of the line in the function and look to budget-wise options.

1. Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Motionsense Kitchen Sink Faucet 

This is considered one of the better touchless kitchen faucets. Moen’s advanced technology gives you lots of options.

  • One or Two Sensor Touch Less Moen Motionsense. They boast that you will never have to touch the faucet again. Passing your hands over the sensors triggers water flow. 
  • Time-sensitive automatic shut-off. Handy for kids and crafty cats both of which will leave the water running.
  • One-Handle.
  • A unique retractable spray head with a reflex system secures docking. It boasts a full 68 inches long.
  • PowerClean technology helps with cleaning. Easy moving spray wand moves in any direction.
  • Finishes include stainless steel, chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, and matte black.
  • Easy installation for DIY homeowners.
  • Filters water and sediment. You may still have sediment build-up which affects water pressure.


2. Delta 9178T-AR-DST Leland Kitchen Sink Faucet

Delta has many great models. This is the best pick for 2019 but you will do well with the brand as a whole.

  • Delta’s Touch20 Technology allows for easy touch with the hand or elbow. Touch20 allows for control of water flow, direction, and temperature.
  • Auto switch-off after 4 minutes. Handy for kids and crafty cats both of which will leave the water running.
  • The temperature indicator is an LED light. It changes from blue (cold) to red (hot) as temperature changes. This is battery-operated. No worries as it will only need to change every 2-5 years, or buy optional A/C.
  • One-Handle.
  • Spray wand allows for 2 water modes – spray or stream. ShieldSpray technology reduces splatter by up to 90%. 20-inch hose reach.
  • Finishes include Venetian bronze, spot shield stainless steel, arctic stainless, and chrome.
  • Escutcheon finishes are an add-on.
  • Leaks are practically not existent. Mount tap with a one-piece supply line and diamond-embedded ceramic disc.
  • Compatible with a 1-hole mount and a 3-hole mount.
  • Installation is a bit more complicated. It may not be for the DIY homeowner but may need professional installation.


3. Kohler K-560-VS

Kohler specializes in quality without the technologies mentioned above. Simplicity in design pairs with functionality. Add long-lasting quality. It more than makes up for the difference. You cannot go wrong with their lifetime warranty and great customer service.

  • High-arched Gooseneck spout rotates a full 360 degrees.
  • DockNetik design uses magnets, locking pull-down sprayer in place.
  • One-Handle.
  • Sprayhead has three settings: spray, aerated, and pause.
  • Single-hole mounting for great space efficiency.
  • Finishes include polished chrome, vibrant stainless, and rubbed-oil bronze.
  • Escutcheon included.
  • MasterClean spray face is resistant to harmful hard water build-ups.
  • The very light design makes it easy for anyone to use.
  • Easy installation.


4. American Standard Colony

This popular age-old brand continues that stand the test of time. Affordable prices make it a great selection for budget-based decisions.

  • Finishes include polished chrome, matte black, and stainless steel.
  • Pull-down spout includes an adjustable spray and pause features. 20-inch spout reach.
  • One-Handle.
  • Swivel Spout. The escutcheon is optional.
  • The ceramic disk valve is not quite as durable as others but gets the job done.
  • The memory-position valve retains temperature settings so you do not have to readjust.
  • Lifetime warranty on function and finish. It is for the original installation location from the original purchaser.
  • Easy installation.
  • The rate of spray is forceful so beware of splashing and splatters. 
  • Middle of the faucet head drips sometimes when other functions run.


5. WEWE Kitchen Sink Faucet

This Chinese brand is a relative newcomer to the faucet industry. 

  • Sleek tulip faucet design matches most sinks
  • Three-way spray settings allow for stream, spray, and pause.
  • One-Handle
  • Brushed nickel stainless steel finish is corrosion and scratch-resistant.
  • High-arched neck swivels 360 degrees.
  • Retraction system returns sprayer to the original position.
  • Easy installation.
  • 5-year warranty.


What type of Kitchen Faucet Brands are Best for You?

Our design experts are happy to sit down with you and go over what type of kitchen faucet is best for you. We go through everything in small steps. This makes the end-result stunning without it being overwhelming. Give yourself the lifestyle you desire as you start on your new home adventure. Call us at 405-520-0238 or schedule a consultation.